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Policies for your safety, comfort and enjoyment of your night at the Bangor Drive-In!

  • No screen switching please. We do not allow screen switching  for your safety and also to comply with contractual film obligations.
  • We suggest getting in early to get a choice spot and settle in before the movie begins. The nicer the weather, the earlier you should get here.
  • We love seeing children enjoying our playground before the movies. Please supervise your children and note for safety reasons our playground closes at dusk.
  • Bring insect repellant. 
  • Dogs are allowed. Your well-behaved, non-aggressive, leashed dog  (please no "Cujos"!) is welcome at the Drive-In. We have a large property to let your furry friends stretch their legs, but please be sure to clean up after them! They are not allowed in the snack bar area or in the restrooms. Please do not bring your dog if Fido barks frequently.
  • No open flames or grilling of any kind.
  • The speed limit is 5 MPH and is enforced by our staff. We reserve the right to eject anyone who puts others at risk.
  • We ask that you respect your fellow moviegoers and refrain from loud music/talking. The only sound should be from the radio and the movie you are watching!
  • There no smoking allowed on the property of the Bangor Drive-In per Maine State Law.
  • Please refrain from using foul language.
  • Do not block others view of film. Cars are parked in the front rows of the screens with taller vehicles to the back. We require roof hatches to be lowered so that they do not block others enjoyment of the films. 
  • Do not sit on top of your car. Always sit between your car and the screen if you choose to sit outside and you we ask that you remain inside your designated space.
  • Bring a portable radio if you choose to sit outside your vehicle. We also have jumper packs should your battery fail during your stay with us.
  • Please use caution while walking on our grounds in the dark as surfaces are uneven.
  • Shirts and shoes are required at all times.
  • No alcohol. We do not allow alcohol to be consumed on our property and will promptly call the Hermon Police Department. (It should go without saying, but illegal drugs are also prohibited!)
  • Please do not bring food from outside the Bangor Drive-In. Our concession stand is filled with fresh, delicious foods, snacks, and treats!
  • We do not allow weapons of any kind on our property.
Left Wing FAQs Right Wing
  • When will the Drive-In open for the 2017 season?  The Drive-In will open for the season in Spring 2017. The specific date is TBD so follow us on Facebook/Twitter or keep your eye on our website to be the first to know when!
  • Where can I buy gift certificates to the Bangor Drive-In? 
    You can purchase gift certificates to the Bangor Drive-In at Bangor Mall Cinema throughout the year!  
  • How much is it to get in?
    We charge $22 for the Double Feature for every regular car, truck, or SUV. Larger vehicles such as campers, extension vans, or larger sized passenger vans may incur extra charges.  
  • Can I watch only one movie?
    You can! (However, the price remains the same and if you come in for just the second movie, we cannot guarantee a spot.)
  • Do you still use speakers?/How can I hear the movie?
    We transmit sound via FM frequency that you can tune into using your car stereo or a portable radio.
  • What if my car has battery trouble?
    We have car jumpers available should your car’s battery give up during the night.
  • Do you take credit cards?
    Our Box Office and Snack Bar accepts major credit cards Visa, Mastercard, and Amex.
  • Are you open when it rains?
    We are open rain or shine! Severe thunderstorms, hurricanes, tropical storm or other weather conditions may cause us to close, but we are committed to being open.